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In-circuit (ICT) test fixtures

In-circuit test fixture

Rematek's fixtures are made from the best quality hardware on the market and have unique design characteristics. Rematek's reputation of innovation and continuous improvement assure you of the most performant and efficient fixture on the market.

We make fixtures for all the major brand of testers (Agilent, Genrad, Teradyne, etc...).

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Functional / mechanical fixtures

Turn-key functional / mechanical fixture by Rematek Test Fixtures

In addition to in-circuit testing, functional testing is widely used in the industry to verify electronic cards. This is why Rematek has always paid a special attention to the specific requirements of functional testing. Our dedicated engineering staff is prepared to handle all of your mechanical, electrical and software requirements.

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Automated functional test stations

Test station

Rematek can proceed to the assembly and integration of automated functional test stations according to customer specifications. If needed, the Rematek engineering department can participate in the design process of the system.

Such projects often require the manufacturing of custom parts. Since Rematek owns a machining division offering all necessary services, it simplifies and centralizes your purchasing process.

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Board stress analysis

Board stress analysis

Board stress has become a major concern for most PCB manufacturers, with the introduction of larger surface mount components, higher density PCBs, and more brittle solders. Board stress can be predicted by using sophisticated software tools and real strain measurements can be achieved by using strain gages. At Rematek, we have developed both techniques to better prevent PCB damages under test.

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We have the capacity to respond rapidly to your needs

Rematek plant

Rematek has a 18,500 square foot plant located close to Montreal's airport.

With an extensive list of automated equipment combined with a substantial inventory, Rematek can respond rapidly to most of your ATE requirements.

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Rematek employee at workRematek is a dynamic company specializing in the electronic test industry who is always looking for people wishing to contribute to its success.

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Quality commitment

Quality inspector at RematekRematek pursues continuous improvement on the quality of its products. All products made have a three month satisfaction warranty.

Rematek quality commitment

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